Deconstructing Nature - Day 3

My colleague Werner and I are holding a challenge this week to produce one visual work each day. I'm working around the theme of "Deconstructing Nature".

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Inspired by Werner's work I wanted to do something with swarms. For another project we're talking about creating a living wallpaper which I also wanted to integrate here. And I wanted to make something that was animated and a little bit interactive.

I decided to create an animated swarm in a browser, using trails to create a wallpaper. I used the excellent three.js library to access WebGL.

Here's the result from day 3. Click the image to view it live (Chrome / Firefox).


  • Hold Spacebar: Direct the swarm to the center.
  • C: Clear the screen.

Deconstructing Nature: Final Work Day #3

The source is available in the Deconstructing Nature GitHub repository.