NodeBox Live is a web application for data visualization and generative design. It integrates seamlessly with the web, transforming data from multiple services into interactive visualizations.

It is designed to be efficient and interactive: changes to the network are immediately visible, and parameters can be controlled by dragging handles directly in the viewer. The software can import data from many sources, manage the data, transform it into visual objects and animate them. All this can be integrated into the web.

NodeBox Live Screenshot

The application was designed to help non-programmers visualize data using a powerful visual metaphor. The application is in active use and has been used for data visualization workshops with students and design professionals.

50 years of film speech

"50 Years of Film Speech", Jonas Lekevicius, Juste Ziliute, Augustinas Paukste


"Eurovoices", Dalia Kemeklytė & Viktorija Pampuščenko

Through an intuitive interface, variations can easily be created. This typographic example shows all variations just by dragging around parameters.

The application can be used for data visualization and generative design. We regularly undertake user studies to optimize usability.

Goldberg Variations

"Goldberg Variations", Anton Sovetov

Finnish Surnames

"Finnish Surnames", Eemeli Nieminen

Integration with OpenType.js opens up the world of generative typography on the web.


The programming model supports both visual programming and textual programming.

NodeBox Live Supershape example

By integrating with web services, the visualizations can be linked to live data. This example shows a generative typeface that changes according to current wind speed and direction.

"Wind Type", Milda Siulyte & Vincentas Kuodis

NodeBox Live is in private beta. A release is expected later this year.