What if we could see all the electromagnetic radiation that's around us? That's the question the Frequensea project asks. Through custom software, the exhibition shows the electromagnetic spectrum in print and realtime and in virtual reality.


Frequensea consists of a 10m print on aluminium of the frequency spectrum, a number of projections and a virtual reality installation where you can see the spectrum in real time. The exhibition was organized in SHOWROOM, Antwerp in March 2015, in collaboration with Lucas Nijs, Pieter Heremans and Lieven Menschaert of EMRG.

Closeup of the print.
Frequensea Exhibition
Frequensea Exhibition

The Wi-Fi part of the spectrum is especially busy:

Closeup of the Wi-Fi spectrum.

Special tracking software installed on a Raspberry Pi allowed us to track airplanes, live.

Planes visualization

Frequensea supports virtual reality through the Oculus Rift.

Frequensea in VR

Frequensea is an open-source project, with the source code available on GitHub. Below is a video tutorial showing the possibilities of the software and how to get started.