Together with VRT, Tree Company and Willem Pirquin we developed a series of educational interactive digital experiences for students. The latest one was about "spatial awareness", or sustainable city development. The boxes are designed to be used in primary schools, and are meant to teach children about relevant topics such as the environment and sustainability.

Overview of the digital city

This EDUbox uses Build It, the tool I helped develop for Tree Company. It's a tool that allows you to build a city, and then simulate the effects of your decisions on the environment. The EDUbox is a simplified version of the tool, with a number of pre-made scenarios that the children can explore.

Results Page

New in this EDUbox is that we added the option to change the camera, allowing the children to explore the city from different perspectives. This is a feature that we will be adding to the full version of Build It as well.

We also introduced characters in a more playful way, showing them as illustrated drawings on top of a 3-dimensional city. This look was inspired by Japanese role-playing games, and makes the characters feel more alive.

Character Screen

By interactively exploring the impact of their choices, the children learn about the consequences of their decisions. The EDUbox is designed to be used in a classroom setting, with a teacher guiding the children through the different scenarios. We're very happy with the result, and hope that it will help children learn about sustainable city development in a fun and engaging way.